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Postural Integration

Ian Holland Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue Manipulation The posture which allows a human being to stand erect with the minimum of strain, is one in which a plumbline dropped from the ear would pass through the centre of the shoulder, hip-joint, knee and ankle. Few people however possess this kind of balanced body structure due to injuries, bad posture and cultural stereotypes about appearance.

Postural Integration (PI) is a method of deep tissue manipulation aimed at correcting body imbalances. Bunched and tense layers of muscle are systematically worked loose, separated and lengthened. This allows chronically over-stretched muscles to relax.

The PI sequence is planned as part of a series of 10 sessions. Each of the first 7sessions concentrates on a particular part of the body eg the breathing structures in session 1, whilst the last 3 are 'overall' sessions aimed at integrating the changes in the body.

For more information on PI please see the following article.

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